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Image by Alexander Krivitskiy

Wella Shinefinity

20 minutes

This is not glossing but galzing. A shine- boosting technique to give your hair a Zero lift Glaze by teaming balanced pH technology with zero damage hint of a tint, it reveals shine you can feel, giving hair a translucent, almost shimmering character.


One of Shinefinity’s most alluring feature is it’s ultra- natural finish. It subtly elevates  your hair while respecting the natural high and low tones you already have. More and more clients are seeking colour that looks and feels believable- not obviously coloured - and this glossy glaze helps  them achieve just that ( with light effective shine added in ).


Skin test essential 48 hours before treatment.


“Fantastic Hairdressers, Lovely Staff and Cut My Daughter's Hair Fantastic"  -Wayne Emery

“Excellent Salon... Support Local Businesses. And Climate Friendly". -Jacquie Green

“Dolly's Hair and Nails is a Must for All Your Hair and Nail Care With Lovely Talented Friendly Staff".  -Sharon Ferris

“Lovely Ladies, Great Service"

-Lynda Hurren

“I Had a Spray Tan Last Thursday and Have to Say It Was One of the Best Ive Ever Had!"

-Dominic Saunders

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