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Hair Loss Therapy

30 minutes per week

Scalp analysis and hair regrowth therapy. At Dolly’s, we offer a service for men and women with our low-level laser therapy machine. This proven and effective treatment for hair strengthening, rejuvenation, restore and hair growth stimulation. A non-surgical treatment for hair loss and thinning hair approved by the Food and Drug Administration which when used on suitable candidates has a success rate in excess of 80%.

Completely painless with the ability to stop further hair loss. Recorded results show an increase of blood flow to the scalp by 50%, an increase of 80% in hair strength, an average of 19 new hairs per cm2 with no surgery or side effects.

The golden rule, if the follicle has not completely died, it has the very best chance of being revived and reversed with the use of low-level laser therapy.

The laser therapy provides the energy that was once created naturally in the matrix in order to produce the cell division, this results in reversing the inhibited hair cycle with hair becoming thicker and stronger.

DHT inhibitors and Minoxidil will cleanse and encourage the thickening and growth of new hair.

Free scalp analysis and consultation is discreet and can be carried out away from the busy salon.


“Fantastic Hairdressers, Lovely Staff and Cut My Daughter's Hair Fantastic"  -Wayne Emery

“Excellent Salon... Support Local Businesses. And Climate Friendly". -Jacquie Green

“Dolly's Hair and Nails is a Must for All Your Hair and Nail Care With Lovely Talented Friendly Staff".  -Sharon Ferris

“Lovely Ladies, Great Service"

-Lynda Hurren

“I Had a Spray Tan Last Thursday and Have to Say It Was One of the Best Ive Ever Had!"

-Dominic Saunders

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